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Starter Laundry Set - Wool Dryer Balls + Scent

Starter Laundry Set - Wool Dryer Balls + Scent

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Introducing our Wool Dryer Ball Set with Fragrance – the game-changer your laundry routine has been waiting for. Elevate your clothes with this dynamic duo of efficiency and laundry luxury!

Each set now includes five premium wool dryer balls and a 1oz fragrance in an amber bottle. Unleash a burst of natural scent by adding a few drops to each ball before tossing them into the dryer. Experience the time-saving magic as our wool dryer balls reduce drying time by 20-40%, delivering not just freshness but also energy and cost savings. These eco-friendly balls are built to last, conquering up to 1000 loads with fresh fragrance. 

For optimal results, add only a few drops to each ball before every use. Always remember to test the fragrance strength based on your preference before incorporating it into your entire load. This customizable approach ensures a tailored fragrance experience for every laundry cycle. Always follow drying instructions and test on fabrics before regular use. 

 Single fragrances, fragrance sets, and more selections will be available soon! 



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